The Food Intolerance Bible

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The Food Intolerance Bible - a nutritionist's plan to beat food cravings

The Food Intolerance Bible helps you to determine whether there are foods to which you react. Antony Haynes then describes what you need to do to heal your digestive system to not only correct the problems that exist but also to prevent an ever increasing number of food intolerances. The recommendations based in this book, published in 2005, are based on 14 years of clinical experience with real people, and remain effective to the current day (2011) in Antony's Harley Street Clinic.

The fantastic recipes by Antoinette Savill offer you a wide selection of meals that are free from many foods that are the most frequent culprits.

This website provides you with a secure and easy means to purchase the healing supplements referred to in the book, The Food Intolerance Bible. All the ingredients of each product are provided, along with the supplement protocols that appear in the book. Help to heal your digestive system, restore probiotic balance, counter gut inflammation and resolve your digestive and systemic symptoms with this clinically proven, non-drug, nutritional approach.

The website gives you access to the Food Intolerance Questionnaire, and the book itself.

When you order, there is prompt delivery of the products you need to help your health.

The book introduces you to a unique questionnaire to help identify if you are eating a food to which you are intolerant. The signs and symptoms of food intolerances are not limited to the digestive system but are as wide and varied as you can imagine. The list of symptoms is as long as it is varied, and this book helps you to learn what they are and understand why they occur.

You will learn about how the digestive system works including the role of HCl acid and the pancreatic enzymes. Additionally, you are introduced to common possibility of unwelcome gut inhabitants in the form of yeasts and bacteria and parasites. A lack of digestive juices and or unwelcome 'microbes' can readily lead to food intolerances.

Additionally, the vital issue of stress is explained and how it has negative impact on our digestive systems, also leading to adverse reactions to everyday foods.

Food intolerance is one of the most significant causes of altered intestinal permeability, which is also referred to as 'Leaky Gut Syndrome'. You will learn about how this occurs and how it affects your overall health and how to correct it with nutritional means.

Overall, The Food Intolerance Bible not only teaches you how to improve your gut function but how this leads to improved overall health and quality of well-being.